17 frightening monsters expected in the devastating battle of 'Godzilla'

There are at least 17 giant monsters in the MonterVerse universe, and 4 of them will clash on the big screen to gain control of Earth with Godzilla in the near future.

In the latest trailer of "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters", Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) has said that 17 Titans are sleeping quietly around the world. The Earth map on monarchscienes.com reveals the location of the guarded outposts of the Monarch organization to guard the Titans. There are 2 outposts in the US, the rest are scattered all over the world. With the landing of giant Kaijus on the big screen in a few more days, let's take a look at all the monsters that have and are likely to appear in the MonsterVerse universe in "Godzilla: King Of The Monsters".

1. Godzilla


Godzilla, the god of destruction and protection of humanity. Supposedly the most powerful Titan, ironically, it was created from the man's most powerful weapon, the atomic bomb. In the near future, Godzilla will have the opportunity to show his highest position when confronted with another powerful monster, Ghidorah.

2. Ghidorah


Like Godzilla, Ghidorah is also a monster that possesses tremendous power. Frozen in Antarctica, it was likely that centuries ago Godzilla was defeated. If that's the case, then we will be prepared to see an extremely spectacular rematch.

3. Gigan


In the original universe, Gigan was a half-biologically half-life living in a distant galaxy to invade Earth and had caused Godzilla to receive bitter defeat with a pair of dangerous hooks.

4. Spiga


Appeared in "Godzilla" (1960), Spiga, also known as Kumonga, is a giant spider and one of the inhabitants of Monster Island.

5. Kamacuras


A giant insect monster appears briefly in the trailer of "Godzilla: King of the Monsters". Kamacuras is a giant mantis monster that has very sharp and healthy legs.

6. Baragon


Baragon is an ancient dinosaur that hid underground and escaped extinction millions of years ago. Having the shape of four-legged dinosaurs and rhino horns, Baragon is a more defensive Titan.

7. Anguirus


Wearing the shape of a giant hedgehog, Anguirus is a very close ally of Godzilla in the battles with Ghirohda and his accomplices. In the trailer of "Godzilla" (2019), we can catch a glimpse of this hedgehog raising a mountain while waking up.

8. Mothra


In terms of popularity, Mothra is not inferior to Godzilla and Ghirohda, Mothra is also the most beautiful Titan of all. With chalk on the wings, Mothra can make both the big city or even the country fall into a coma.

9. Rodan


Wearing the form of a giant flying dinosaur, Rodan woke up at a volcano in Mexico and began taking part in a power struggle with his burning power. Rodan is a very difficult Titan to guess and we still cannot know who it will stand on.

10. Kingkong


A Monarch outpost in the Pacific Ocean shows that it is the Skull Island, the home of Kong. Kong first appeared and fought Godzilla in "King Kong vs Godzilla" (1962). In the near future, Kong will have his own movie in 2020, in which Kong will face Godzilla directly.

11. Ebirah


A giant crab, though dangerous but quite friendly and has not harmed the peoples ever. His ability to appear is quite low, but the Monarch's maritime outposts show that there is still a giant monster hidden somewhere under the water.

12. Megalon


The king of the underground world, Megalon bears the shape of a ladybug and a grasshopper, capable of digging and diving underground very well.

13. Manda


One of the outposts of the Monarch organization is located in Loch Ness in northern Scotland. A connection to the Loch Ness monster? So there is only one monster suitable for that shape, it is Manda, a giant sea dragon.

14. Gorosaurus


Another dinosaur survived from ancient times. Gorosaurus is the only monster that ever met both Godzilla and King Kong. It is also the only monster besides Godzilla who defeated King Ghidorah.

15. King Caesar


Wearing the form of a lion, and believed to be a lion in Chinese folklore, King Caesar is also thought to have taken a lion image from Indian culture. King Caesar's sleep watch is an outpost of the Monarch organization based in India.

16. Titanosaurus


Another giant sea monster dominates the sea. Titanosaurus may be the creature that the outpost at Bermuda Triangle that Monarch is guarding.

17. Battra


As a contradictory version of Mothra, Battra considered himself a protector of the Earth, not of the human being. Due to the conflicting ideas, both were enemies for more than a century. In terms of power, Battra has almost all power and is the same as Mothra.

By: Abigail Harris

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