11 best movies warning us about artificial intelligence

Is the warning in cinema really a threat in the future? Try reviewing 11 best movies warning about artificial intelligence below.

1. Metropolis


Directed by Fritz Lang and launched in 1927, "Metropolis" was considered a film that has a great influence on its descendants such as "Blade Runner" and "Black Mirror", both the idea and the way of making AI films, about the interaction between human and intelligent machines.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey

In 1968, when HAL 9000, the version of "evil computer" decided to take two astronauts' lives on the ship because it could not accept the order to hide the true nature of the mission of space travel and wanted to show pride in itself: "HAL 9000 never fails or misleads information”. The film was produced by Stanley Kubrick and directed by Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke, inspired by Clarke's short story The Sentinel.

3. Blade Runner

Sci-fi movie "Blade Runner" (1982) directed by Ridley Scott with many action sequences is considered one of the most influential films to the film movement that exploits artificial intelligence and human concerns about robot dominance. Scott pushed AI to a higher level, both in terms of human protection and destruction.

4. The Terminator


In "The Terminator" (1984), artificial intelligence was developed step by step, from model T-800 to AI Skynet. If Skynet is a dark version of AI, Terminator is the representative of the evil-killing robot. Using an AI robot to kill another AI robot is a new idea.

5. The Matrix


"The Matrix" was the endless war of people against human-like machines. The movie also reminded that AI was not only hardware but also software.

6. A.I. Artificial Intelligence

The robot directed by Steven Spielberg's 2001 film was loved by a family and also had the same feelings as humans: wanting to be loved and to be a child having a mother like a normal child. Spielberg assimilated intelligence with emotions in AI, something that could not happen. However, this was the first film to prove that there were very lovely robots.

7. I, Robot


"I, Robot" (2004), directed by Alex Proyas, was based on the "Laws of Robotics" by Isaac Asimov with two main AI characters: Sonny and VIKI. While Sonny liked to imply himself as a human, VIKI was a rebellious and dangerous supercomputer like Skynet. Asimov wanted to remind people not to let the robots they create against the creators, do developing robots needed to have inviolable rules.



"WALL-E" tells the story of a clever little robot that was loved by audiences. Developed to clean up the earth, this is the only robot of its kind to exist until 2805. Its fate ends in space after it falls in love with EVE robot.

9. Robot & Frank

"Robot & Frank" (2012) directed by Jake Schreier did not warn about the dangers of technology but had an optimistic view of the positive change in the relationship between humans and robots. The main task of the robot in the movie was to adjust to Frank's deviant lifestyle.

10. Her

Released in 2013, "Her" emphasized the inability to bring emotions like humans into artificial intelligence. Although robots had extraordinary knowledge and the ability to handle work quickly, it still could not have the same feelings as humans and know how to express it.

11. Ex-Machina


AI in "Ex-Machina" (2015) directed by Alex Garland did not seek to dominate the world and was not programmed to become a vandal. It just wanted to be like people, both outside and inside. The film was about a young programmer who thought he fell in love with a robot called Ex-Machina he created to conduct the Turing Test but everything became complicated.


By: Jonath Martin

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