10 unique fandom names you may not know

Fandom is often named after the idol such as Camilizers (Camila Cabello) and Swifties (Taylor Swift), but there are also strange fandom names that you may not know.

Adele: Daydreamers


Unlike other fandoms, Adele's fans are huge but quite cute and quiet. Like Adele's personality, they are willing to accept waiting for the female artist to release a new album. Her fandom is Daydreamers, which is based on an Adele song.

Lady Gaga: Little Monsters


Of course, you can't skip one of Lady Gaga's cult fandom. Lady Gaga is considered the Mother of the Monster, based on her extended EP The Fame Monster. Lady Gaga's fandom is famous for being friendly, friendly, and quite humorous.

Michael Jackson: Moonwalkers


Although he was gone forever, Michael Jackson's influence on contemporary artists was still there. He also had a large fan base called Moonwalkers.

Kesha: Animals


Talented, constantly changing, and creating resonance with quality music, Kesha is also a weirdo and loves the fans. Her fandom is called Animals, which is based on a Kesha’s song.

Eminem: Stans


One of the powerful fandom names with a strong spread is "Stans". Originating from a male song of the same rapper name, this name quickly became the term for those obsessed with madness by celebrities.

Sia: Lovers


Sia, is an Australian singer-songwriter, producer of music videos. She began her career as a singer on the jazz acid band Crisp in the Adelaide area in the mid-90s. With an eccentric style, Sia quickly became an artist with a strong fan base called Lovers.

Billie Eilish: Avocados


Billie Eilish quickly became a global phenomenon after her successful debut album. In addition, her songs dominated the high positions on the Billboard Hot 100. Recently, Billie Eilish joined Justin Bieber on a remix of ‘Bad Guy’. One of Billie Eilish's fandom names is Avocados, and the reason is that Billie Eilish really likes this fruit.

Nicki Minaj: Barbz


Nicki Minaj's Fanclub is called Barbz, the name is shortened from Barbierz. Talking about the meaning of a singer's Fanclub with its own name, Nicki said: 'I just want to say one day, you will know I have a Nicktionary dictionary, including the name and the sentence, ... ". Nicki Minaj is considered one of the artists who love her fans the most when she always gives the best to the fans.

Avril Lavigne: Black Stars


Avril Lavigne is one of the most famous pop singers. The influence of Avril is undisputed. Avril Lavigne's fandom is called "Black Stars", which is based on the song of the same name.

Mariah Carey: Lambs


Based on Mariah Carey's spiritual beliefs, her nickname for fans comes from religion. She loves and sees the fans as 'lambs', which are the inspirational people and the greatest missionaries for her.

By: Joshua Thompson

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