10 female Hollywood stars owning the highest views on Youtube

Being one of the brightest stars, but Taylor Swift is only at No. 5 on this list.



Leading this top 10 list is beauty blogger Rihanna. Although she has been absent for a long time to take care of her Fenty Beauty brand, the voice of “Diamonds” still maintains her position as " Queen of Youtube" with the total views of all MVs being 22.6 billion views.

Nicki Minaj


Although the billion-view hits of Nicki Minaj are all in the collaborations with other singers, the female rapper is ranked second with 21.7 billion views, following Rihanna. Should it be for Nicki the title "Queen of Collaborations"?

Katy Perry


Although lately, people have awarded the title of "Flop Queen" to Katy Perry when the recently released MVs have only a few dozen million views on YouTube, she is still honored to be in third place in the list with a total number of 19.1 billion views. That's because Katy has owned a lot of hits from years ago and perhaps until now, they still have a certain foothold in the audience.



singer Shakira holds the 4th position with the total view on Youtube up to the present time is 18.8 billion views. Although during the past time, Shakira no longer works actively on the music village her music fortune has helped her stand firmly in this top 10.

Taylor Swift


Although one of the top Hollywood superstars owns the largest fan base in the world, Taylor Swift is still only in fifth place with the number of 17.4 billion views. Perhaps because of the passion for the tours, Taylor Swift often forgets to release new MVs.

Ariana Grande


Another character also surprised many people when ranked in sixth place - a relatively low ranking compared to reputation is Ariana Grande. Although she is also a prominent figure in the US-UK music industry and owns a fortune of the hit songs, Ari has only 15.4 billion views on YouTube.

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is on the list with 12.7 billion views - ranked seventh. Hopefully, she will quickly recover both in health and spirit to be ready to return to the music track and improve her YouTube views with an album with many hits.



Mysterious singer Sia follows Selena Gomez with 12.1 billion views on Youtube.



Beyoncé is quite modest with 12 billion views and holds the ninth position in this top 10. As a powerful Hollywood figure, perhaps the voice of “Halo” needs to be more aggressive in launching more popular MVs on Youtube.

Cardi B


Cardi B is the last female star to make this list. Although a female rapper is currently very popular in the music industry and owns a huge fortune of awards at prestigious awards ceremonies throughout the year, Cardi B is still quite modest in the number of views on Youtube: 10.5 billion views.

By: Abigail Harris

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