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New Window Server: Breakthrough on cloud security (Part 2)

From container like Docker to Nano Server, software-based storage and networking innovations, the new version of Windows Server has many great features.

Storage Spaces Direct

In Windows Server 2012 with Storage Spaces, is like RAID components, however is the product arrangement. Windows Server 2012 R2 adds the capacity to make a group based capacity innovation with Storage Spaces and Microsoft Clustering. A noteworthy prerequisite for this kind of superior group is each store can be gotten to from the system hub in the framework by means of an outside JBOD clusters. This strengths JBOD exhibits must have SAS hard drives with a specific end goal to bolster the inward standard. 

Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces raise higher, which adds the capacity to make a capacity framework execution, utilizing direct connected plates on every hub. Consistency between hubs is expected SMB3 convention. This new element called Storage Spaces Microsoft Direct (S2D), can exploit equipment as the NVMe SSD drive, while as yet supporting the more established stockpiling equipment SATA. You just need two hub group could make a S2D. 

As far as equipment, every PC in the group you just SSD, HDD typically and NIC that backings RMDA, the convention operation speed of the hard drive remotely get to. Only a (switch) for each bunch is adequate in light of the fact that all PCs are associated specifically to the switch. You just need to run an order by means of PowerShell (really consolidate a few summons, first make and afterward add hubs to the bunch stockpiling), Windows will do the diligent work left is to include stockpiling limit. At that point, Windows Server 2016 will naturally list the hard drive you have, set the reserving level and hot and frosty capacity, and channel the information to expand the capacity to channel information mistakes. 

To initiate this element in windows powershell, simply sort: Empower-ClusterStorageSpacesDirect 

This summon will start a procedure to exchange all accessible circle space on every hub incorporated into the bunch, and after that initiate the cradle reserve, connected Tiering, stockpiling consistency.



Faster Hyper-V storagewith refs

Flexible File System (REFS) is another element has showed up in Windows Server 2012. Composed from the begin with the point of counteracting harming information than other document frameworks, refs are a bigger number of favorable circumstances than NTFS. Microsoft has consolidated the qualities of both the record framework in Windows Server 2016 by setting the default framework refs for download Hyper-V. 

Expanded handling speed refs parcel for Hyper-V. At to start with, you'll make another virtual machine will have a settled space in the organization creation handle VHDX and quick, then when you press Enter. These favorable circumstances likewise apply to Microsoft checkpoint records and gross VHDX documents to reinforcement documents. These components like Offload Data Transfer way (ODX) performed on the substantial stockpiling applications. Another indicate note is that refs stockpiling assignment for exercises without propelling it, so perhaps there will in any case be information blunders stays from the past document.


Upgraded rolling Hyper-V

Upgrading to a new operating system has always faced many challenges, in many ways. In previous versions of Windows Server, you can not upgrade a cluster without having to turn it off. And turning off a clear cluster production affecting the business. The common practice is building a new cluster, run updates on this new cluster, then relocated to any workload from the old cluster. Therefore, in order to do this way, enterprises are forced to buy new hardware.

Windows Server 2016 supports the type of rolling upgrade from Windows Server 2012 R2 on, meaning that you can perform upgrades without shutting down the cluster or move to new hardware. This process is similar to the single node in the cluster must have every right to move to a different node in order to upgrade the host OS. The difference here is that all members of the cluster will continue to operate at the Windows Server 2012 R2 (and relocation assistance between the old and new host host) until all hosts are running the new operating system, and you only the functional level upgrade to level up a new cluster (by using commands in PowerShell).


Hyper-V is added NIC and direct memory

Hyper-V forms beforehand not permit you to include a system part or memory to a virtual machine. Kill the virtual machine when the framework is working is of hydrophobic, Microsoft now permits you to roll out virtual machine arrangement improvements without having to shutdown. Two vital changes that you don't need to kill the virtual machine is changing memory and system interfaces. 

In Windows Server 2016 form of the Hyper-V Manager, you can discover passages in the Add Hardware Network Adatper never again be "dark" incapacitated again. In this way, the manager can include the system connector while the VM is running. Essentially, extra memory can likewise specifically contrasted with past settled memory. The past adaptation of Hyper-V underpins dynamic memory portion to VMs will just expend memory as they need. Be that as it may, if the administration of element memory allotment so you can not modify memory when the VM is running.



Network improvements

Meeting is a variable worth specifying here, with numerous new elements to help organizations and facilitating suppliers can consolidate various system segments together to limit the system interface to the framework. This can lessen the quantity of system port to a large portion of that of the old-style organize engineering. Another capacity called Direct Packet, concentrate on enhancing the execution of the workload over the framework, including everything from the little bundles to transmit vast information parcels. 

Windows Server 2016 has another server part called the Network Controller, gives an incorporated area to screen and deal with the engineering and system administrations. Different upgrades basically bolster arrange highlights programming based, comprising of a heap balancer and entryway improvements for interfacing with is Azure and other remote destinations, and elements a concentrated system that backings both information RDMA and inhabitant support interchanges. 

One of the cluster truly changed the substance of the Windows Server 2016 adaptation is the enhanced elements programming based system. This implies Microsoft needs to put the product to oversee everything from cabling, switches, switches and other system gadgets to communicate with the PC, virtualize them, and kill equipment however much as could reasonably be expected . The availability and system setup can be changed straightforwardly, without activity programmed hand-foot activity on the rack servers in the server farm. 

In this way, client based arrangement programming has been connected to Microsoft Azure. When you make the assets inside Azure membership, you can join them to various virtual systems. These systems can be set up in (private) for VM noiselessly interface with Azure. In this way, you can make a different system out and out, design it by means of programming, application changes inside it and change it physically or mechanize it through script code with PowerShell summons. These virtual systems are disengaged on Azure sandbox, totally safe until you "open the entryway" for them to get to outer systems.