Raccoon Tries to Steal Kayaker's Food
Raccoon Tries to Steal Kayaker's Food


New Window Server: Breakthrough on cloud security (Part 1)

From container like Docker to Nano Server, software-based storage and networking innovations, the new version of Windows Server has many great features.

As many technology experts expected, the version of Windows Server 2016 that Microsoft has released to manufacturers late last September has many new features. Many features are "trendy" as Nano Server like Docker container, showed Microsoft is putting more focus on cloud computing. Other features such as virtual machine VM Shielded Microsoft also continues to assert more attention to security, and infrastructure architecture based on software that the company ever mentioned back in 2012 also clearly expressed.

The final version of Windows Server 2016 versions appear after 5 previous techniques (Technical Preview) also makes the technology world by surprise. Article will show you the main features, the importance of this official version.


Docker-styled container

This is a tremendous stride forward for Microsoft on the grounds that it demonstrates the organization is steadily tolerating the open source world. Microsoft has worked with Docker to completely bolster the biological system of Windows Server 2016. Docker Even from 10 Anniversary Windows refreshes, Microsoft additionally propelled a comparable list of capabilities. You can introduce bolster Container utilizing standard techniques to empower Windows through the Control Panel or through PowerShell order line as takes after: 

You should likewise download and introduce the motor Docker to get every one of the elements of this holder. You can allude to the points of interest of the compartment that the Microsoft bolster page on its authority MSDN. 

It is imperative that Microsoft bolsters both models of various holders: Windows Server and Hyper-V Container. Compartment based Windows Server Standard Docker assessment, run every holder as a different application on the OS side. Interestingly, the Hyper-V virtual machine holders are totally separate from each other, each is a different part however lighter Windows virtual machine (VM) customs. Hyper-V is a reasonable compartment to make a lattice virtualization condition inside Hyper-V. 

The other picture compartment is made with a particular working framework. This implies you will require a Linux virtual machine to run Linux on a Windows picture holders. What's more, Windows Server Container is an implanted element of Windows Server 2016, works with Docker biological system. Microsoft additionally utilizes GitHub for Windows forms posted on the different segments of the Docker and urge group designers to take an interest. 


Nano Server 


Nano Server is the consequence of the procedure of recreation totally the present source code of Windows Server old, with a definitive objective is to accomplish operational status of frameworks at negligible level conceivable. Generally, Nano Server with no immediate UI, other than another comfort window called Emergency Management. You should deal with the segment (example) Nano remotely, utilizing either the Windows PowerShell or the new Remote Server Administration Tools.

Why Nano Server reappears? One of the key design goals is to reduce the number of times restart the entire system. Even the regular patch Tuesday (released on Monday Tuesday of each month) Microsoft also needs to reboot the system. Speaking simply rebooting always affect businesses, and in an ideal environment that should not have happened. Sometimes very laborious start: a few application servers take up to 10 minutes to shut down, configuration updates, reboot and load Windows after the update patch. Only 10 minutes which was enough to get many applications stalled, affecting certain activities of the business.

The outline objective is to decrease the limit of the following Windows. The Windows Server 2012 R2 has taken a toll a considerable measure of space, involving a few gigabytes of hard drive. A progression of virtual servers will likewise consume up more room, making administrators more hard to oversee. Expansive limit additionally sets aside a few minutes to introduce and arrange a more extended, more transmission capacity utilization and more troublesome in the migration of the circle picture. In the event that littler OS picture, it is extremely helpful to take a shot at. In the meantime, you can likewise make higher VM thickness, decrease expenses and increment efficiency. 

What's more, Microsoft additionally offers a few components and choices for server parts, totally evacuating the UI, perfect dropped bolster for 32-bit applications. One occasion just expend under 512MB of capacity and 300MB memory inhabitance underneath, contingent upon the design. This is an enormous contrast for a Nano-based occurrences to go about as a virtual machine, facilitating perfect design, streamlining the most. Nano Azure VM can likewise make code utilizing Microsoft's PowerShell scripting. The organization additionally guarantees to additionally improve the way toward making a bootable USB on Nano Server with a GUI application is coming soon.

Looking at the specification of the Nano Server, in terms of technique looks very impressive and interesting. But it is too early to confirm the popular Nano Server. Because really, this is the right solution for larger enterprises, in line with cloud solutions all in one and computing convergence. Or Nano Server suit small business startups have mastered the processes related to DevOps and the container so that they can easily deploy applications. However, the period ahead is long and we can not know what will happen, maybe in the future operating system will only revolve around the Nano Server virtual machines.


Shielded virtual machine


One of the new security features of Windows Server 2016 in virtual machine Shielded model. Shielded VM VHD using encryption and a centralized authentication flow to enable a VM authentication only when it matches the list of VM images confirmed and notarized before. Each VM using a TPM (Trusted Module Platforn) to enable the encrypted virtual hard drive using BitLocker. This encryption feature to encrypt the whole process always relocation (migration) VM to prevent attacks man-in-the-middle. New security service called Guardian Service Host and VM hosts to ensure safety and service always runs on a different physical host. In short, the virtual machine is a simple Shielded virtual machines are fully encrypted.

Microsoft supports two modes of authentication (attestation): admin trusted and trusted TPM. In admin mode trusted, authenticated based VM members of AD security groups, have established how much simpler but also less secure than the TPM trusted mode, the VM is authentic based on the TPM our list. However, trusted mode to hardware TPM support TPM 2.0 standard; there is a security admin trusted more in line with the old hardware systems do not yet support TPM 2.0.

To make a VM Shielded, first you have to encode the information produced, the keys are made on a confided in customer. This information incorporates data administration, data and an inventory RDP to avoid malware marks Shielded when VM is made. This information is additionally keeping the VM format Shielded make obstruction. Furthermore, after Shielded VM is made, the new TPM and BitLocker encryption is set for the VM. TPM virtual machine's TPM is disconnected to the physical equipment of the customer, on the grounds that the virtual TPM can be migrated to the VM in the event that you need to move the virtual machine some place. 


Mapped drives 

Microsoft had upheld mapped picture in Hyper-V condition, yet the organization is not restricted to mapping the virtual machine hard drive. In different Windows Server 2016, as clients can now choose the whole drive mappings at every information piece. Additionally, you can adjust as synchronous and offbeat. This capacity works perfect with an element that Microsoft calls "extend bunch", which implies the two frameworks together assembled together yet are physically isolated. 

Mapping abilities of Windows Server 2016 Storage named Replica, whose point is to keep and recuperate from fiascos. The new form likewise underpins the mapping server and server-to-bunch to-group. In synchronous symmetric mode, both frameworks are compose secured, steady information when a framework glitch.