Deploying applications on cloud server: opportunities and challenges

According to a new report, most businesses have used cloud computing recently.

Reasons why businesses need to deploy applications on the cloud

Today, the cloud has become popular and necessary. Simply put, cloud computing is all the storage, computation that takes place on the "cloud", or the internet itself. More specifically, cloud computing is a multi-computer solution that is connected via the internet to provide the capabilities and services that individual devices cannot do.

In general, there are many benefits of using the cloud, but the most striking one is you don't have to worry too much about infrastructure anymore. After finishing coding a web application, you just need to upload that code to the cloud, and so everything is ready. There is no traditional job to worry about, like: deploying server infrastructure, step by step configuring the server (including all stages of downloading, installing, configuring OS, IP, DNS, SQL, Redis Server, Apache, memcached... that waste time and effort), upgrading and redesigning the whole system when the website is overloaded, unable to meet the user volume as originally planned…


According to a new report by The Economist Intelligence Unit and IBM: out of 572 business leaders surveyed, nearly three-quarters say their companies have implemented cloud deployment, and 90% expect to finish this process in the next 3 years. The number of companies that will definitely use the cloud is expected to increase from the current 13% to 41% in the next 3 years.

Cloud computing has created a big technological revolution for small businesses, providing access to a range of capabilities that usually only large companies have the power to use. Cloud technology helps many businesses reduce costs and time to only a few minutes for different processes like preparing infrastructure, installing and configuring services, creating virtual machines with available operating systems… instead of worrying about installing a physical server, connecting to a network, installing an operating system... at a high cost.

Common problems that businesses often encounter in the process of deploying applications on cloud servers

The important role of software systems used throughout enterprises is undeniable, especially in the industrial age of 4.0 today. At the same time, most of these applications are being converted by the enterprises into a web application format.


Web applications can always be deployed on cloud server. Today, with the strong development of cloud computing technology, the emergence of cloud server in businesses is becoming more and more popular and useful than ever. Therefore, deploying software systems on the cloud is inevitable.

However, deploying software to cloud server is not easy when businesses will have to spend human resources, financial resources, time, gray matter... to successfully implement installation and maintain security. Not to mention in some cases, these huge investments are not necessary, and in the process of deployment, businesses may also encounter a lot of problems that need expert level support.

Besides, for today's businesses, advanced technology is not a challenge, but the lack of employees with appropriate skills to deploy applications to cloud server is a very tough barrier.

By: James Paquin