ConsenSys and AMD develop blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure

ConsenSys, AMD and Halo Holdings are cooperating to develop cloud infrastructure based on the blockchain called W3BCLOUD for data center products based on AMD hardware.

Software company Blockchain ConsenSys, semiconductor manufacturer AMD and Abu Dhabi-based investment management company Halo Holdings are collaborating on the cloud infrastructure based on blockchain. ConsenSys has announced cooperation in a press release published on January 4th.

After its release, the companies collaborate to build a product called W3BCLOUD to develop AMD's hardware-based data center products for newly emerging blockchain. In cooperation, ConsenSys provides expertise in computing in blockchain transactions, security issues and technology cases.

According to the statement, W3BCLOUD will be the first independent cloud computing blockchain to meet the requirements of both public and private sectors.

ConsenSys, AMD and Halo Holdings are cooperating to develop cloud infrastructure based on blockchain

According to Joerg Roskowetz, director of blockchain product management and technology at AMD, the product will be designed to deal with today's troublesome challenges like smart identity, enterprise data centers and health identity tracking, supplying and managing supply chain...

ConcenSys has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Korean technology group SK in December last year. Their initiative aim is to build an enterprise blockchain business model that uses smart contracts. The partnership will also include blockchain technology education Ethereum (ETH) for Korean developers through ConsenSys Academy and technology training center SK Holdings C&C.

In November, AMD also partnered with seven major technology companies to produce eight new cryptographic platforms. AMD has emphasized that this partnership will bring new blockchain computing solutions to the market. It is designed to meet the different aspirations of creative blockchain platforms. In addition, AMD has released a blockchain video, explaining the core features of the technology, listing trust, integrity and security as the main advantages of blockchain.

ConsenSys is a new blockchain software technology company founded by Joseph Lubin just over 4 years ago. According to Lubin, Blockchain may take longer to develop than the internet, because it's a lot more complicated.

Joseph Lubin, the founder of ConsenSys

Lubin is also one of the founders of Ethereum, he tells reporters that blockchain technology is developing in a way similar to how the web grows, based on exponential growth and hundreds of projects with practical effect.

Thanks to the use of decentralized blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), blockchain companies are helping the Internet become more decentralized. However, Lubin also said that applying large-scale blockchain will take longer than the internet.

According to Lubin, blockchain projects "will enable people to build more things that will come in handy again. That's how the web was developed. It will probably take a little longer, because it is much more complicated. Also, because we work on topics such as digital money, Blockchain will permeate society more than the Internet. Everything will be networked in a Web3."

The Canadian entrepreneur emphasizes that ConsenSys is a technology incubator and is a place where companies focus on developing Ethereum, with the aim of building tools and infrastructure to help the Ethereum ecosystem work effectively.

Lubin also stresses that the company was interested in bringing ecosystems to development instead of controlling it.

"We do many things, but we are not interested in controlling the ecosystem. We are interested in promoting the ecosystem," says Lubin.





By: James Paquin