Cloud computing is an inevitable tech trend

Cloud computing is really becoming a highlight in the strategy of most information technology solution providers in the world.

Cloud computing is really becoming a highlight in the strategy of most information technology solution providers in the world.

Cloud computing is the provision of computer resources to users according to their intended use through an Internet connection. That resource can be anything related to computing and computers, such as software, hardware, network infrastructure, large servers and server networks.

Before the era of cloud computing, you want to do something, you have to do it yourself, and invest in everything yourself almost from A to Z. Then cloud computing comes into being, which helps solve some of your own management of hardware and software.

With cloud computing, all the needs, from simple to complex, of individuals and organizations can be effectively fulfilled. Cloud computing has been bringing many benefits to every users. It is also suitable for many types of groups officials, including small and medium enterprises, government agencies...

According to experts, the Industry 4.0 is going strong and has a profound impact on all areas of life and socio-economy on a global scale. Technological breakthroughs in many areas with the central role of information technology are driven by the development of many technological trends, including Internet of Things (IoT), robots, artificial intelligence (AI), big data... That is the premise for the trend of intelligent development trend in many areas such as smart production, smart city, health, education and traffic...

It is expected that by 2020 there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet and this is also the basis for forming a large data source beyond the processing capacity of traditional computing systems. The explosion of digital technologies has set new requirements for effective and safe connection, analysis and processing of distributed data.

Facing that challenge, cloud computing is an effective solution. This technology offers many advantages over traditional computing: standardization of products and services, reducing investment costs, shortening product development time, improving the quality of services. It also has flexible operational model and is ready to expand when needed.

Cloud computing is an inevitable tech trend

Recent achievements in virtualization technology have led to a major change in the operating model of many organizations and businesses. That is the shift from investment in infrastructure, operation and maintenance of the system to the use of cloud-based services provided by professional technology companies.

Many analysts identify cloud computing as an inevitable technology trend that has become an important technology of the Industry 4.0, but they also note the challenges that computing cloud could offer. They are the potential risks of information security, privacy when data is collected and dispersed, integrating with multiple service layers and many different technologies. They are also the change of information technology managing model of organizations, agencies and businesses from the role of investors to the role of service hiring parties.

This change of information technology managing model leads to a big change for companies specialized information technology. It could affect these businesses in various ways: thinking, method, process and human resources.

By: Quinn Abrams