7 apps to help you store data on the cloud completely free

Storing data on the cloud will greatly help save space on internal and external memory on your devices.


1. Google Drive

Google Drive is an online data storage and editing service with 15GB of free storage, allowing users to store a variety of data such as text, video, audio, PDF... on its cloud platform. Google Drive with advanced support for Google Docs and Google+ helps users easily access and edit documents anywhere or share their work with friends.

Your file in Drive can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer. As a result, your file always accompanies you. In addition, you can quickly invite others to view, download and collaborate on all the files you want, without email attachments.


2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free online data storage service that allows you to bring all your documents, photos and videos with you anywhere. This means that the file you have saved to Dropbox will automatically be saved to your computer, phone and also on the Dropbox website.

This app also makes it easy to share documents for many people. Even in case the computer hard drive is broken, the data on the phone is completely lost, you can still have peace of mind because there is a backup of content on Dropbox.


3. MediaFire

MediaFire is a free and unlimited data-sharing site based in Harris County, Texas, USA. All registered members can use MediaFire's full functions. Now, there is a MediaFire mobile app that helps users access and manage data more conveniently.

MediaFire includes 4 types of services: Free, Personal, Pro and Business. After uploading files, the user is provided an URL to download the file and share it with anyone. It also has many other outstanding features, for example digital photos can also be uploaded and displayed as libraries.


4. Box

Box is a famous and important online data storage application today. It enhances the data storage space a lot on the network, which is secured with your own account. You can view, share and download data anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

Users will not have to worry about data loss when the hard drive (device memory) is damaged due to many reasons such as fire, physical impact... and are protected safely without fear of harmful virus. In addition, Box is also an online office tool that combines online storage.


5. Mega

Unlike the once famous Megaupload service, every user file uploaded to Mega will be encrypted to prevent attacks on users and data stored on the server of the service. Even Mega does not actually have access to user content. Customers using MegaSMS are responsible for the copyright of the files they post, Mega only provides storage on the Internet.

The most interesting thing about Mega is that we will have 50GB of free storage right after registration. You can visit its website to create a new account and start using it for free.


6. Copy

Copy provides a cheap yet safe cloud storage solution. Users can share accounts between multiple users as well as switch between personal and corporate accounts using one login.

Copy features include: integrating SignNow to use eSignatures quickly and easily, enterprise-class security that does not depend on third parties, no size or view limit. Copy members can save, access and share files via computers and mobile applications available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


7. SugarSync

SugarSync is a useful application that helps users to synchronize data on many different mobile devices and computers. As a result, the service ensures its safety against hackers and helps you to work more easily.

In particular, you will receive 5GB of free data storage for a 90-day trial.

By: James Paquin