10 reasons why Cloud VPS is much better than VPS

Cloud VPS is VPS with cloud virtualization. So, what makes Cloud VPS way more outstanding than classic VPS?


Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a server created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers with similar features as dedicated. It runs as a shared resource from the original physical server.

Cloud VPS is VPS with cloud virtualization. So, what makes Cloud VPS way more outstanding than classic VPS?

1. Dedicated resources

Each Cloud VPS works like a dedicated server and has its own resources such as CPU, RAM... so you can be assured that other users on the cloud will not affect your running service at all.

2. Low costs

Cloud vps is not only highly reliable but also a cheap option. Most providers allow users to customize their needs as desired. For example, you might just need a more powerful server within an hour or just want to increase the capacity of your hard drive in a day, all of which can be done easily with Cloud VPS. And you will only have to pay for the resources used, specific usage data will be calculated automatically by the system.

3. Flexible customization

Cloud VPS allows users to change / adjust options or settings to make the website more attractive in the eyes of customers. It can also open up more storage space, increase or decrease RAM / CPU instantly and completely eliminate downtime without you having to move your service.


4. Accessibility

Using Cloud VPS, users will not be restricted to access. You can access your data and services at any time and from any location on a global scale, as long as you have Internet connection.

5. Self-recovery ability

Cloud VPS owns hardware with self-recovery mechanism, this is one of the reasons you should choose Cloud environment. In case you have trouble with the hardware in use, Cloud VPS will automatically be transferred to another node when one of the hardware fails. However, this process does not affect your time or resources.

6. Reliability

If you have a problem with one of the machines, that doesn't mean the data is lost or deleted. In this case, Cloud VPS will automatically store all files safely on some hard drivers. And so, all your files can be recovered easily and you will never have to worry about data loss.


7. High level of security

Compared to the form of shared hosting, Cloud VPS is safer thanks to dedicated RAM / CPU... Because Cloud VPS is built on a multi-layer security mechanism, data is thus protected against malware attacks and hackers.

8. Full control

This type of server allows users to freely install what they want on Cloud VPS. Users can install the operating system and control panel because Cloud has root access. Due to no limitations, users can install as many programs and applications as possible.

9. Speed

Slow web loading is one of the most annoying experiences that an online visitors may encounter. Users certainly do not want to wait, and with Cloud VPS, you can be sure that your opponent will not be able to win your customers. The speed of your website will be increased rapidly because the Cloud provides a lot of options and as mentioned above, and you can immediately get additional resources anytime you want.

10. Better working environment

Your entire data will be somewhere on the cloud. Working with your team members will be so much easier whether it is a project or an independent document. This method makes handling jobs easier and saves a lot of time when you have to coordinate.




By: Frank Bennett