10 biggest players in cloud computing

​​​​​​​There is no doubt that cloud computing has been a fast-growing sector. Below are the top 10 players in the field.

10. CenturyLink


The company headquarter is located in Monroe, Louisiana. CenturyLink services include solutions on communications, security, cloud, network services, etc. There are 72 data centers in the world that belong to the American company. Within the last 12 months, CenturyLink has produced 36 major features as well as products.

One salient customer of CenturyLink is HighJump which aimed to be the top provider of warehouse management software (WMS) based in the cloud without having to do the internal work such as development, hosting and management of a cloud platform. Therefore, HighJump takes advantage of the existing WMS software of CenturyLink in the cloud.

9. Virtustream


Virtustream is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. It is one of the top 10 biggest cloud company with the aim to deliver the benefits of cloud computing to the enterprise world. This April, through a partnership with Dell Technologies, Virtustream helped transfer and manage Dell’s SAP-based ERP system on the company’s cloud platform.

8. Rackspace


Located in San Antonio, Texas, the company is the cloud host of more than 100,000 clients. A new CEO was appointed in April. When talking about his new position, Kevin Jones shared that he always had admiration for the company’s passion for satisfying customers’ needs. He also emphasized the role of Rackspace as the best partner for any company which wants to take advantage of cloud technology and its applications.

7. Fujitsu


The technology company offers a wide range of services necessary for cloud of hybrid IT strategy. It is the 7th biggest IT player working on cloud and the number 1 in Japan. For example, Asahi Group, a  Japanese beer and soft drink manufacturer, made use of Fujitsu’s cloud services to co-create a sales visualization system on cloud for 3 sales centers in China including Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Dalian.

6. IBM


IBM Cloud has a vast portfolio from data, containers, AI, IoT and blockchain making up a total of more than 180 products. The company claimed that out of Fortune 50 firms, 47 entrust IBM Cloud with their enterprise-grade cloud. IBM just spent 34 billion USD on acquiring Red Hat in order to further its hybrid cloud ambition in July.

5. Oracle


Under the management of both CEOs Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, the firm has built its reputation in the cloud computing sector. In June, Oracle shook hands with Microsoft Corp to close the gap between Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Structure (OCI). According to Catz, this move will help boost “the transition from on-premise database to the Autonomous Database service”.

4. Alibaba Cloud


Despite the struggle to compete with the biggest players in the cloud computing industry, Alibaba Cloud still dominates in its domestic market. The evidence lies in the fact that it is the Chinese largest public cloud service provider.

With the company’s rich experience in different fields including retail, finance, logistics and so on, Alibaba can be a great advisor for its clients who want to transform their industries digitally.  

3. Google


Surprisingly, the technology giant doesn’t hold the first spot. Besides providing services for prominent clients such as Bloomberg, Ticketmaster, Deloitte and eBay, Google also has its own cloud space called Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which is the third biggest cloud provider in the world.

In July, the firm said that it would make the acquisition of Elastifile, a company providing scalable, enterprise file storage on the cloud.

2. Microsoft


Microsoft Azure was born in 2010 and is one of the main revenue-generating sectors of the company. According to Microsoft, 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using their cloud services. One of them is the automotive firm Volkswagen which started its partnership with Microsoft Cloud in 2018.

1. Amazon Web Services


Ranking at the top is Amazon Web Services. The cloud computing sector earned 25.7 billion USD for the company this year, an increase of 45.3% from the same time last year. Some of the contributors to this revenue are Capital One, Expedia, General Electric and Airbnb.  

By: Joe Cook